Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moody August

Yesterday's September light.

Today's rain. Even without the water, the air was a wet blanket.

This evening's pickings. I will probably yank some of the tomatoes tomorrow, ahead of Irene. Take down the tepees, secure the rooftop pots, hustle the beaded sheep to shelter, remove all the pots from the edges of the terrace, just in case.


  1. What days we're having. What is in the air?

  2. Hope you are safe from Irene.


  3. Hi Marie
    Love the photos of your garden. Sounds like were are going to get some severe weather between Saturday and Monday. I hope you will be safe.
    Are you going to bring the mirror and the patio furniture inside. They could get tossed around in the wind.
    We are supposed to get high winds and rain in Vermont. I have many pots of flowers and veggies on high shelves in my patio garden. I will be have to bring them inside or they will get knocked over. Stay safe.

  4. Hope it's blown out pretty much by the time it gets to you, but heavy rain could still be a pain for you. Good luck.

  5. it looks like fall is already here too. kind of sad that summer is now over.
    your plants are pretty


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