Tuesday, August 9, 2011

National Braai Day sheep giveaway

I get a lot of mail from people wanting me to sell or promote things for them. Usually I ignore them because the products are just silly, or have nothing to do with gardens or food, or all of the above. Sometimes I respond with a polite, what's in it for me or for my readers? Thundering silence. Give me a break. Give us something we like.

But after receiving this information from Frans de Villiers, I have to publish it. We like braais.

There was no National Braai Day in South Africa when I lived there. And I still think it is very funny that there is one now. Then again, braaing is central to the South African psyche, pretty much across all cultural, idealogical  and economic divides. Which are enourmous. It could be lamb chops. It could be lamb entrails and heads ("smilies").

Kayelitsha smilie seller. Photo: Vincent Mounier

And now, no matter who you are, you can have a whole sheep...

Because until September 24th, the sponsors of National Braai Day are giving away a bah-ram-ewe a day.

Just think: two legs (roasting, butterflying-and-braaing, curries, stews, bredies), two shoulders (overnight cooking) and everything inbetween! Enough to last a year, surely.

In order to qualify for the draw, you have to Like their Facebook page, and leave a comment as a response to their daily status. So you do need a Facebook account. You can check in every day and leave a comment every day (Remember, fort he most part,  it can't be a random comment posted to their page. It must be a response to their daily status - today's one is about your favourite salad to eat with a braai; in honour of the cat's birthday, I chose mango with chile! Otherwise follow their daily instructions). They announce winners daily.*

If you live overseas, you may also enter and win, but must designate someone living in South Africa as the recipient. This can be your mom, your best friend, your enemy (kill with kindess) or a charity or needy and hungry household. Your pick. The price of lamb has skyrocketed so this is quite a prize.

And the lucky South African must fetch their sheep. The sponsors contact the butcher closest to the winner or recipient's home, and pay them for the meat. In some cases the butchers themselves will sponsor the prize. Unfortunately I can't tell you the provenance of the meat, as it will vary from town to town.

So. See if you can win a sheep. And send us the recipes...

*The odds are very good at the moment - unscientifically. Just less than 1 in 100, judging by the number of comments on the page.


  1. Well, I've always wanted a goat, but hadn't given much thought to a sheep. Wonder what the zoning is on that?

    Oh, I have to EAT it? That would make quite a party. Have to give it a bit of thought...

  2. On my way to enter.....thanks Marie!


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