Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunset in August

Imperceptible. Just the other day we could picnic up here at 8 o'clock and see everything well. Now it is dusk before the hour.

On the roof, you can smell the strawberries.

The cherry tomatoes, especially Lemon Drop, still do well. But the bushes are blighted.

The light disorients me. It does not belong to summer. Times are changing. Falls plans are being laid. How to arrest what is perfect, to extend the lovely, impede the awful and prevent the inevitable? With the light come the questions.


  1. You need to whip up a salad of strawberries and tomatoes - actually that sounds good! The "Fern" are incredible. Can't believe they are still making fruit. They truly love your roof!

    Such lovely pictures. I mourn the end of summer, but long for the cool, crispness of fall, but it's still too soon.

  2. light is indeed changing. today i began aborting my tomato blossoms & embryos. soon the sun here won't be enough to ripen these latecomers. v. sad.

    what variety are those strawberries? i want me some of them! with shortcake preferably.(sorry for the repeat, i know you have mentioned the variety before.)

    how do you get blight up on the roof? does it travel that far?

  3. I notice on many other blogs that people are starting to talk about Fall and that they are noticing it arriving now in small, little signs. The light has indeed changed. That is one thing that I will miss: the longer evenings. It's so much harder to get a walk in when it is dark by 5. And if only we could keep those strawberries producing when it snows. If only!

  4. Die aarbeie lyk pragtig! 'n Dak wat soos aarbei ruik. Hoe heerlik.

  5. Those two skylines look like Turner paintings - buildings and not ships though. Lovely. And the strawberries. Maybe the squirrels
    won't eat them......... and pigs will fly.

  6. Just looked out my window and saw the same sky ! How weird.

  7. My cherry tomatoes (sun Gold) are blighted too - or at least I assume that's what it is (dried, brown yellow lower stems, lots of brown spots). It seems to happen at the end of every year. Is there anything that can be done? I pull the brown bits and trash them, but that's it. Thoughts? Lovely photos. Sorry about the earthquake.


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