Friday, August 26, 2011

Tomatoes. More.

Thursday's Borough Hall Farmers' Market. Wilklow Orchards' tomatoes, fresh from the Hudson River Valley. It was muggy, raining intermittently, my hair was frizzing, my chin sweating, in other words, the return of August.

I had to buy one of each. Which was not cheap. But I had to, just once.

Now, what to do with them? Heirloom consommé, turned into a jelly? Stuffed again with rice and dill and pine nuts and currants? Or should I eat them one at time, raw, to understand the flavour of each? What would you do?

I also found a huge bunch of lush purslane for $2.50, so that became supper, the leaves cooked in a slow lamb curry, with more, raw leaves in yogurt. I bought a puny, stunted bunch of dill (thinking about stuffed tomatoes) from the same stall for $1.50. Funny price comparison.

Friday, and the hurricane cometh. I want to see it from the beach. Vince says maybe (he knows hurricane better than I do, being an ex-islander).

What about a hurricane menu?


    This thing is bigger than anything before.

  2. a) I would try each, just to know.

    b) I am going to the beach.

    c) on Saturday. Sunday? We'll see. Getting there will be half your troubles.

  3. try each. take notes. have a napkin at the ready

  4. Hurricane Party! Was too young to drink the last time I "rode out" a storm at Virginia Beach, but well remember the adults hunkering down to party. Plenty of champagne would be on my agenda and then one of your wonderful picnics.

    There is no "it" to see at the beach. The wind and rain you will experience on your terrace will be much like the beach. The big difference on the beach is a sea roar like nothing you have experienced and winds that may literally knock you down. Mother Nature in a face you have never seen, but which can be experienced at home - thank you very much. This may be the storm that we have been saying is "overdue" for the past 30 years. The real danger to most of us is the the flooding, so be very careful about that if you do try to go see it, and very dangerous at night. Take care.

  5. Stay home. Stay safe.
    Your rooftop plant pots will be potential missiles: we are bringing everything into our garage or inside. At least you don't have to worry about trees!

  6. I made this gazpacho last night and my life has changed. Do it.

    I'm making hurricane sorbet and dark n stormy ice cream tomorrow. May as well, right? (I couldn't really find recipes for any of these, but if what I make up tastes good, I'll email you the recipes)

  7. Tomatoes look magnificent! Be safe.


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