Saturday, August 29, 2009

Black swallowtail

Tired, struggling to hold onto the wet Japanese ribbon grass on the terrace in a mist of cloudy rain.

The two last caterpillars disappeared the day after I photographed them. Birds? It was very hot, and the parsley was in full sun, so I thought they might have moved to shade, but they never came back. I suspect there'll be more.


  1. Very good pictures, almost like embroidery - was this with your "little" camera or did you borrow one from the husband?

  2. Hi Dinahmow...Thank you. This was the little camera. The two first pictures were from a super close-up which I then cropped in two different places, just to show he markings. I couldn't get any closer, or I would have bumped the poor butterfly.

  3. The second picture is brilliant! I would have to agree with Dinahmow about the embroidery; if I hadn't seen you taking the picture, I don't think I could have guessed what it was...

  4. I think you should have eaten it. You seemed perfectly willing to lure us into eating the eggs.....

  5. Well done! I wondered this on the day you had the ovipositor photos too - how do you get it to sit still? I find butterflies even harder to capture than children, both end up as blurs towards the edges of my photos.


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