Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Somewhere on a rooftop

This is the upper of two levels of what will be a garden for a penthouse in Manhattan. Soon-ish, now, things will start to happen.

At the far end, above, on ze far right, please peecture an ipe wood deck, weez built-een benches under a pergola; at ze back, an 'edge of boxwood, weez, on ze left, a flowereen' shrub border. Be'ine ze shrubs, a green wall 6' 'igh. 'Alfway back, a lawn. Right een front of you, a beech edge, comeeng een from ze sides, weeth an entrance to what I have just described.

Below: Left and right, treemmed beech' edge, about 8 feet 'igh. At ze back, anuzzer lawn. Right een front of you, espaliered apple trees an 'erbs on gravel, weez ipe wood walkway floateen above eet.


  1. Gawd...................
    No wonder you have dreams - and I think I have problems with my overgrown garden

  2. As soon as I saw that wall I thought, "espaliered fruit tree!" Not that I know the first thing about them but it seemed like the perfect spot for one.

  3. m. - yes, I can't wait to see the apples. They do remarkably well in the city.

    Beence...what should I have said. You couldnt' possibly know who? x

  4. tree trip was a success I take it. Now, of course, I want to know what apples!
    By the way, do any of these roof tops house beehives? Ideal spot!

  5. i too am now curious about what type apples. we have several ancient apple trees in the field and they are now in full flower now.

    as for bees in the city, there's the bee man! he also has a place up here in the hills — berkshire berries.

  6. Dinahmow - actually the apple-scouting trip as cancelled: work too hectic, so it's next week.

    Apples: the espaliered apples I used last year were McIntoshes, with crabapples nearby for cross pollination.

    Part of the scouting mission (for m. heart, too) is to see what is available at the moment. I will pick what looks most beautiful.


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