Thursday, May 14, 2009

Liz Christy in May

A woodland celebrity growing in the Liz Christy garden in the area designated an official outpost of the BBG's native garden.

Every year I see a new plant on my New York travels. I was wondering what it would be this year, rather nervous that I'd seen it all. But no. This is the third time I have seen the Shooting Stars in flower: Central Park, the native garden at the BBG and now here. They are so beautiful.

Oh, and there was that new viburnum early in the year. Identified yet again by the sterling plant forum habituees at the University of British Columbia.

I saw another new thing: in the sense that I have not noticed it before. Maybe one can only notice so much: the wrought iron fence of the Liz Christy garden is popping with vines, and this trumpet-vine lookalike caught my attention immediately, for its strange time of bloom. Small flowers (compared to campsis), the bare vine covered with them. What could they be...

The leaves here belong of course to Virginia creeper (the botanical Parthenocissus quinquefolia giving the five-leaf clue)...

And another with a yellow throat, a few yards down. My camera likes these colours not.

The leaf, giving it away: bignonia. At home in the SE States. Hardy to Zone 6.

If you'd like to help garden, sign up...East Houston between the Bowery and 2nd Avenue. 2nd Street Subway on the F.

The newish bit has been turned into a vegetable, fruit and herb garden.

The most luscious-looking fennel.

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  1. probably know that the one your camera dislikes is B. capreolata. I have a love-hate relationship with pink/yellow. I NEVER planted that combination (ripped out any adventitious ones!) and yet...I rather like some natural ones.R.mutabilis and one or two others!
    I may be howled down by many gardeners, but I take succour from Edna Walling , who disliked pansies.


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