Friday, May 22, 2009

In The Electric Mist

I watched In the Electric Mist on Netflix the other night.

I only just learned it was released straight to DVD in the States! That's nuts.

What hooked me within seconds of the opening credits rolling, though, was this music. Wow.

Before I had ever set foot on American soil the only place in the States I had a desire to see was New Orleans. In my ignorance - and considerable bias, back in the day - I thought that it was the only place in this huge country with any culture worth bothering about. Music. And food.

And the best American books I have read are Southern.

Kyk hoe lyk ek nou. Meaning, sort of, ain't it ironic?

I have still not seen New Orleans.

[MP3's and the CD can be bought from Amazon UK. La terre tremblante is the song played in this post, featuring Courtney Granger and Dirk Powell. Written by Marco Beltrami.]


  1. I LOVE Zydeco music...and this song really grabbed me. I didn't know anything about this movie, but it sounds fascinating. I've read some of James Lee Burke and i can just bet this is a very intense movie. Can't seem to find a soundtrack of the movie...hmmph.

  2. then I guess you really do know what it means to miss New Orleans
    (sorry, couldn't restrain myself. . .)

  3. I love James Lee Burke's stories ... I finished reading his novel, The Tin Roof Blowdown, a short time ago ... a chilling snapshot of New Orleans right after Katrina.



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