Saturday, May 2, 2009


A beautifully shaped dogwood on Clinton and Amity.

It's a rush to the finish line. The crabappples are done. Finito. One week of buds, one week of bloom and poof! Over. The callery pears are fully leafed out in mature green. The cherries shedding...Magnolias over. Rats! Maybe I can still catch the one south in Carrol Gardens. And if I hurry I can still get the bluebells at the BBG. Lilacs are in bloom, white spirea buds are just opening, Viburnum plicatum is on its way, the hawthorns have not started. There is hope yet.


  1. I share your sense of speed. In three weeks the same street will respectively be gray, then pink-white, then fresh green. Next week will probably super green. And maybe yellow when the next tree decides to procreate the week after that. Everything feels alive, yet so ethereal.

    For me the transience is part of the beauty, and what makes spring (and autumn, and good food) so precious. You never reach the stage where you take it for granted.

  2. Who knew springtime was so much like a life in NYC?

    Rushing to see everything, do it all, finding form in our forest of flowers.

  3. jvdh - ephemeral = good. I sometimes have new clients ask me for a terrace that "stays green". Boring. No change. No end, no beginning. No end. Sadly, I start counting evergreens.

    Frank - Ha! fffform in our fffforest of fffflowers.


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