Monday, August 20, 2012

A Brandywine tomato - Phase 1


What would you do with the Brandywines from the roof?

That tomato sandwich I had the other day was just so good that I had to go a step further.

It will all be revealed. By lunch time.

This all took place on Friday afternoon and night - the picking, the making, the eating. I was Home Alone. I could do whatever I liked. Nobody was watching. I locked the cat on the terrace.  He stood outside and through the double glazing I could see his little black lips forming the word and then drawing it out in a feline slow motion version of The Scream, Nooooooooooooooooo.

I did it, anyway.

If you missed the live action follow the progress here:

Phase2 - Tomatoes and bacon
Phase 3 - Bacon is crispy
Phase 4 - Sandwich is assembled


  1. It is now 11:13 where is your post?

    Was it the cat?

    Are you still with yes.

    Wink once for yes.

    xo J.

  2. Was that The Scream or The Yawn?


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