Monday, August 20, 2012

A sandwich is born (and dies, fast) - Phase 5

I give you...the BAT!

Bacon. Arugula. Tomato.

A schmear of Hellman's, because I do so love Hellman's. A lot of pepper, very little salt.



  1. My favourite summer-sandwich is tomato, basil, bacon, and - tada!- Hellmanns. Yours look very nice too, and I believe, I have some arugula in my little garden, so I could go for a try.

  2. I love it - live action lunch! But have you tried Duke's mayo? Hellman's was always my fave, UNTIL I tried Duke's. Try it, you'll like it!

  3. This whole series is just mean. I just had lunch and now my mouth is watering again. EVIL!

  4. This is a good-looking sandwich. My mouth is watering too. Have you tried Hellmann's made with olive oil? I go through way too much of it... heh heh.

  5. Totally yum. Tht might be what's for dinner tonight!

  6. I have not tried Duke's. I shall. I have not tried Hellman's with olive oil. I shall :-)! I am not proud of my Hellman's habit. Hell, I prefer it to my own homemade mayonnaise!

    The dark side....

  7. Hellmann's on oven roasted or foil wrapped on the embers of the braai till exuding sweet stickiness with a drop or two of Tabasco... Koningskos


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