Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer picnic, at home

Beam it up, Frenchie. Our picnic waits for its boost to the roof.

Tomato, fig and burrata salad with basil, mint
Tuna dip (ahem) - tuna, cornichons, capers, lemon juice, mayonnaise
Bread, wine


  1. Would you have any interest in trading your adventurous eating Frenchman for my boring meat and potatoes guy? I thought not.

  2. webb - Would Milton really not eat this?

  3. Marie,
    We are having company on our patio tonight, and I swear, I made a burrata & heirloom tomato salad w/ grilled figs and mint, along w/ a tuna, white bean and cornichon dip! (I am tempted to top it with grilled shrimp? you think?).

    Enjoy your weekend, I glad there are no nasty debaters chiming in on this post!

  4. Stacey - that's pretty freaky. The salad is one thing, but the dip?!

    Thanks, materfamilias :-)


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