Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The roof farm obscured by direct sunlight.

When last did you lie on your back beneath clouds?

I have been reading Turgenev again. His Sportsman's Sketches, and he writes about clouds, a lot. Russian clouds.

I could do this more often, but for some reason I don't.

If you can, do. Today, even.

I think it is very good for you. Something happens:

You breathe out. And in doing so, you realize that you have not, for some time, breathed out.

You are smoothed. Inside and out. You tell yourself, or perhaps you feel: It's going to be OK. Even if it isn't.


  1. Marie,
    You write one of the best blogs I've found. Bacon-Arugula-Tomato sandwiches and clouds. Perfect. Thanks!

  2. Thanks. I needed that. Het twee crappy dae gehad. Maar soos jy sĂȘ, dit gaan ok wees.

  3. thanks for the reminder ... going to give it a go this weekend (clouds permitting)

  4. Thank you, Mike.

    Jammer, Petro - wat gaan aan? Miskien is dit orals 'n crappy tyd. My pa sou se: Alles sal regkom as elkeen sy plig doen. Ja nee.

    Pam - have fun. Breathe out.

  5. I have a better plan. BREATHE IN
    It's beautiful out there so get some of it in you. And count the stars.


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