Friday, August 17, 2012

Blood is not the only red

Thinking of South Africa.

"...things may continue as before but in a different shade" 

Antjie Krog, from Country of Grief and Grace
from her collection Down to my Last Skin

It is Alpine strawberries.

A Munstead Wood rose in summer.

It is cherry and San Marzano and Black Krim tomatoes.

It is the first Brandywines, picked yesterday evening.


  1. A Tomato Party is definitely indicated. Perfect ingredients

  2. Marie, do you have a good recipe for bouillabaise? I realize this is a little off topic with your red theme today, but there are tomatoes in bouillabaise right? I have a craving and your recipes always inspire.

  3. I would second that request. Never too early to start planning for soup and stew season!

  4. Hen, yes, we have been having daily tomato parties. xxx

    Sarah and webb - yes, September always seems to be my bouillabaisse month. A yummy version will be in the book. My very long method is over at the food blog - Look under 'b' for bouillabaisse :-) I fear you may be put off by its length. It is wonderful, though.

  5. Thank you for thinking of South Africa now. When will we ever learn.

  6. Hi Marie, I meant to send u my link to a post I recently wrote on 'Red', as well. I like to think great minds think alike- or maybe it's just the color of summer.


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