Tuesday, August 7, 2012

By the kitchen's evening light...

I tire of Pimm's quickly. But for a few hot weeks in summer it feels delicious. Here it is with tonic, a lot of lemon, and the requisite suitcaseful of ice.

When I went in to Heights Chateau yesterday evening, Geraldine said, But Vincent (she pronounces it in French - Vuh-saaw) was 'ere already! He bought prosecco!

I know, I said, But we are very thirsty.

I walked out with gin, vodka, vermouth and the Pimms. The gin was for the sumac we collected on Sunday. The vodka for the chokecherries, the Pimms for me and the vermouth for our supper stew of chicken with fennel, and for Vuh-saaw's martini.

We're still standing.


  1. You are my online education course. Today -- Pimm's and French pronunciation. Even your lighthearted posts usually teach me something new. Love it!

  2. Ja, ek voel dieselfde oor Pimms. 'n Bottel hou baie lank by my. Maar dit nog nooit saam tonic probeer drink nie...dit klink goed.

  3. I love that glass ... beautiful composition! So inviting!

  4. Have really tried to like Pimms, without success, but Prosecco is a whole different thing. Nothing says "happy" as well.

  5. Yummy. Can only drink Pimm's if the glass (love yours btw) is stuffed with cucumber and mint... :)

  6. "is stuffed with cucumber and mint... :)" and I add, mixed with sprite or lemonade

  7. Our weekend Pimms' (made by London son home for vacay) was with cucumber/watermelon/mint. The watermelon was genius. Gin and tonics were blueberried. Almost all alcohol tastes better with wild blueberries, I've found.


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