Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tiny kitchen, big appetites

Recent kitchen chaos. The chopping board is essentially my counter space. I have been cooking more than usual as I start to test or re-test recipes for 66 Square Feet, the book - and so my usually obsessive cleaning and clearing falls behind and things begin to accumulate. There are bowls of limes and peaches and gin-jars of sumac and cherries and currants, a roast chicken out of sight, on the stove beside a pot of the next day's vichyssoise (it's in the fridge now, smooth and cool and incredibly delicious) and a just-baked clafoutis...

This was a nice salad. I love raw beetroot. I let it sit in sugared vinegar for five minutes before adding it to the leaves.

Now I have that leftover chicken to deal with - spicy leaf wraps? Yes!  - as well as last night's stuffed shoulder of lamb (some of the recipes are for 6 people and there is no way Vince and I can eat for six. We tried). I am thinking lamb confit...shredded and potted in a mason jar for a picnic.

I need more exercise.


  1. Looks divine Marie, as always. From tiny kitchens mighty meals do grow! :)

  2. Or a couple of more mouths to feed....just saying.

    xo jane

  3. Yep, that's exactly how my kitchen mess started ;)x

  4. OMG. Just Mapquested Cleveland to NYC and I could get there by dinnertime... :D


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