Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Catching our supper

Photo: Vincent Mounier - from Sea Birds

We're having fish for dinner, but not these. These were being hunted by cormorants in the Rockport harbour when Vince was there.

Our supper is a fat smoked trout, from the Catskills. I bought a bunch of wild watercress, too, "from the last piece of freshwater* that New York City left us," said the blue-eyed troutman at the Union Square Farmers Market... 

(*And it seems we're going to frack with that Catskills water, now.)


  1. Love the way cormorants come up like submarines surfacing. Neat birds! As usual, the Frenchman is taking neat photos.

  2. thanks for a wonderful hour this morning spent immersed in your posts- a delicious treat after the craziness x

  3. I had halibut caught by my nephew outside of Homer.


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