Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer floodgate

Between the farmers market, foraging and the roof farm, the kitchen has been a little full over the last few days.

Any volunteers want to dip and skin cherry tomatoes with me, prior to freezing?

I know. You have your own problems. 

And they have only just started getting ripe...The tomatoes, I mean.


  1. Skinning cherry toms? You are a pioneer woman. I skinned an entire PINT once ... never again. And, i suspect you are planning on way more than a pint. My bonnet is off to you !

  2. I've never heard of skinning cherry tomatos and freezing them. Sounds very labor intensive. How do you use them later?

  3. I have never skinned cherry tomatoes - sounds like a lot of work!
    Go for it.

  4. I wasn't trying to make waves with the skinning thing...I've skinned cherry tomatoes a couple of times in small quantities to eat with mozzarella. It's luxurious and Roman, like eating a peeled grape. But someone on 66 Square Feet's Facebook page suggested I blanch, skin and freeze any glut of tomatoes I have, for later use. Since my glut is diminutive - many but small tomatoes - I thought I'd give it one shot. Then they can be used for sauces and so on later. I have tried to swear off buying foreign greenhouse tomatoes, and they'll come in handy. My biggest challenge is storage space. Le freezer is le tiny!

  5. You don't have to skin tomatoes of any size before freezing. Just pop them in a ziplock and proceed. The skins will pop off with thawing.

  6. Dilly wax beans in my kitchen this afternoon. It was steamy in there. Love to hear the "pops" as the jars seal.

    Yellow gold cherry tomatoes are out of control. I may roast them later.

    Carry on, Marie!


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