Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wilder Quarterly giveaway winner

As you can see, the arrangement of names with treats on top of each was very scientific. I placed Estorbo in the circle, closed my eyes, and spun him three times. Yes, really. When I opened my eyes he was already hard at work.

Estorbo loved this giveaway. In fact it was very hard to get him to stop eatingchoosing. He wanted everyone to be a winner.

But rules is rules. The third pellet eaten, and the winner of the, er, draw, to receive a year's subscription to Wilder Quarterly is...

pulverschwein! ...Come on down!

(Sorry about the saliva...and could you please explain your name?)

Congratulations! Please send me your full name and address so that we can sign you up (click on my profile- picture-with-lilies on the blog's home page and then on the email button).

There was a tiny handful of disqualifications - either because no location was included in the comment or because the deadline was missed. But everyone's sightings were included in the Butterfly Affidavits and were very much enjoyed. I love them. Thank you.

And Estorbo thanks you. He managed to eat 11 pellets before I could stop him and remove the leftovers.


To read all the submission, which  I gathered with very little editorial interference,  head on over to The Butterfly Affidavit. And thank you!


  1. I like the transparency of the raffle.

  2. Missed the competition but I already follow the chronicle. Still, I want to share my butterflies: swallowtails, both yellow and black, cloudless sulphers, gulf fritillarys. We allow the wild passion vine to grow wherever it sprouts because that is the fritillary's only caterpillar food source. They are late this year, almost gave up hope.

  3. congratulations to Pulverschwein!!! I was secretly hoping petoskystone would win, a person who is (also) from the CT (river?) valley, but perhaps with a secret about Michigan. Or Katie in Ann Arbor, because I also have roots there. In total what a fun group of mariposa watchers, and to know Estorboloco, who has mysterious Ouija board skills.

  4. Good one, Estorbo!
    Peter says(he knows it's too late!)he has seen lots of bright yellow butterflies over the last 2 or 3 days. My guess? local(Australian) brimstone.

  5. Lovely rug, nice cat hoorah the winner! We love Butterflies.

  6. I loved seeing this. Because Estorbo is magnificent, of course. Lots of butterflies here in Texas. Varied colors, many are black with blue markings. I watch them soar and glide over the flowers.

  7. For all of his hard work, he only got 11 treats? ;)

  8. clever cat and even more clever girl!


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