Friday, August 31, 2012


The strawberries on the terrace continue to grow very well, so much so that I have begun to take them for granted. I feed them about once a week, on fish and seaweed fertilizer, applied via watering can. For a day the terrace smells terrible. And yet nothing tastes like fish...And then a monthly sprinkling of slow release organic granules (Espoma's Rose Tone works well).

At the moment I tend to graze on the berries in the late afternoons, when I am watering, but perhaps it's time I collected them all and Made Something.

Vince reminded me recently of a very simple thing: strawberries in red wine. Not in a drink, like the one I made earlier in the year when the farmers market overflowed in a high red tide, but eaten for dessert. Or breakfast! Years ago, he brought them to me in bed, in Vancouver, the first time I flew across the continent to visit him. And you wonder why I said yes, when he asked?

You need very good, very ripe strawberries, and just a little red wine and perhaps some brown sugar. That is all. Like this:

How do you like to eat strawberries? Teach me some new tricks.
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