Monday, August 27, 2012

Flowers in the house

Supper was late.

The kitchen was full of today's brick cake and the empty mason jars which I had strained and decanted - the black and red currant gins, the sumac-infused vodka, the wild black cherries. Everything was a little sticky. The jelly from the leftover alcoholic fruit was roiling on the stove beside the bolognese sauce for our spaghetti, and we still needed salad.

So I shot up to the roof farm while the pasta water was heating. Up there, after the storm, the rose was in bloom. Trying to pick it with my bare hands I was pricked, hard.  I shot back down again and reappeared with the sharp Felcos. Ha! In the napkin I carry with me on these sorties I heaped tomatoes and groundcheries and some basil and brought the bundle down, held cautiously around the soft flowers.

Made salad, cooked pasta, tested jelly, called the Frenchman, who uncorked the wine, fetched the cat...

I have not been true to my spring resolution. I had promised myself flowers in the house every week this year, but have either forgotten or been uninspired by local blooms. Until the terrace or roof help out.

So now that I have flowers I may play with Jane and her cohorts. A little late to that party, but, as we say at Africa's southern tip:

Agteros kom ook in die kraal.

That's a bit difficult to translate. Even the last ox finds shelter.

Hm. Not quite right. I am the ox, I am late, but I still make it to the flower party.


  1. It's a house party so it knows no time.

    The lights wrer low and the music loud by the time you arrived.

    And you brought cake?

    Come on in!

    My cart is your cart.

    xo Jane

  2. That picture introducing Flowers in the House, has to be one of the most beautiful you have taken. I would like it printed, framed and in my kitchen so I could see it every day.

  3. Last but not least? Your mother's roses at Paul Roux were magnificent..

  4. Last but not least? Your mother's roses at Paul Roux were magnificent..

  5. It's never too late for a posey from the roof farm! So pretty.

  6. Marie - beautiful flowers and photos. Took your advice and jumped in with both feet (and a checkbook) to late summer terrace gardening. Bought a David Austin rose (Carding Mill) that reminded me of home - much like yours (what variety?). Won't likely see blooms this summer, but hope springs eternal for next year. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  8. Thanks Jane :-) I borrowed one of your kittens.

    Hen, your wish is my command. And thank you.

    Oumie - yes, certainly. Last but not least.

    webb, now to feed that rose again.

    Russ, yay, that's great. Sorry about the checkbook. There's always that. My pink rose is Abraham Darby.

    You ought to get flowers this year, if Carding Mill is a repeat bloomer - I think most, if not all David Austins are. September is good for roses. Make sure to cut off any spent blooms at an angle just above a leaf - (cut back to where the flower stem feels strong, not very bendy and thin).

    Um, and...gfgdgf? :-)Is that a question or remark about fertilizer?

  9. Gorgeous roses Marie. I want a blog just so that I can contribute to this. It's spring! We have slender elegant Gladiolus tristis in abundance, yellow Sparaxis grandiflora, Moraea tulbagensis and aristata, iridescent purple Geissorhiza and fragrant Freesia species unknown. All in pots and alternating prime display spots on all surfaces in the dining room, porch tables and windowsills. Oh, and a sprig of fragrant jasmine tucked into a bottle in the bedroom.

  10. Your photos are amazing, so rich with color and depth. I want to hang around in your kitchen and soak it all up!

  11. That picture's a masterpiece. One for my kitchen too please. And rather late than never!

  12. How lovely! I am usually late to Jane's as well so I have to run back and visit those who make it to the party on time. Thanks for sharing your lovely evening and delightful photos!

  13. I love the much.
    Btw, I love roses, especially white, champagne and red roses.


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