Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fort Defiance

We caught a water taxi from the tip of Wall Street to Red Hook. Vince wanted to shop at Fairway and from the Financial  District, where he works, that's the quickest way - and the most fun - by far.

Then a walk through Red Hook, towards home, past weeds and past stray cats being fed on sidewalks. A stop at Fort Defiance, because I have been meaning to, forever. A delicious gin-based punch (above) scooped from a bowl on the bar, for me. A martini for the Frenchman. Small oysters on ice with cucumber mignonette. Killer chicken liver mousse - they call it pâté  but it ain't - with grilled bread (very Balthazar). And a very nice waiter.

I'm in love. I may move in. They open at 8.



  1. It is indeed love worthy - glad you finally made it!

  2. Thank you for reminding me about it...

  3. Another reason to get on a plane. As if I needed one! :) One of these days...


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