Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anemone wilt

Something's going on.

One of the pots of fall anemones has started to decline. At first, I thought I had neglected to water it well. Leaves would wilt, randomly, three, five at a time. So I watered. Well. But it's still happening. If I didn't know better I'd say it had been poisoned, overfed with blue crystals, or peed on.

The Frenchman swears he had nothing to do with it. The cat studies his toes when I ask (his own toes, not the Frenchman's).

Is there such a thing as anemone wilt?

I have moved the mushroom log which had been leaning up against the pot; perhaps something leaked from the mushroom log? But what? Log juice? The glue to seal in the shitake spores? I doubt it. 

I could find nothing visible burrowing in the soil. 

The lower leaves of one lily sharing the pot also turned crispy brown.

Hm. This is where the pork tonnato landed all those weeks ago, in The Flying Pork Incident. They remained undetected for many days and turned awfully stinky. Bad bacteria?

The other anemones, three feet away,  are doing wonderfully. They are tropical. And! They are pushing up new flower spikes. Remember, I wondered if they might, with feeding?

To confuse matters farther, the sick anemone is still making new leaves. But then one of those curls up and wilts, too...

I don't know.

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