Monday, August 20, 2012

Bacon is crispy - Phase 3

Tomatoes are sliced!

Mayonnaise is spread and arugula is stacked!

If you missed the live action follow the progress here:

Phase 1 - A Brandywine tomato
Phase 2 - Tomatoes and bacon
Phase 4 - Sandwich is assembled


  1. The mainstay of a southern summer diet! I like basil as my green and with applewood smoked bacon - OMG! You can't eat enough of them because you know you will have to wait through such a long winter before another chance.

  2. There's nothing better! I prefer Blue Plate to Hellman's myself, but otherwise -- you have a fine lunch. You're making me hungry and I already ate one tomato sandwich. Another?

  3. This is a horrible tomato season here due to the drought and heat. You're torturing us!

  4. If you can find Duke's mayo it's the best. Hands down!


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