Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To do list


Make fishcakes from last night's leftover poached salmon
Pour myself a Kir
Do a blind tasting of flat prosecco and sauvignon blanc to see if I can tell the difference
Stroke the cat ( I had nightmares about him falling off the roof last night)
Wash and chop some cilantro for the aforesaid fishcakes
Drink a Kir
Clean the roof farm lettuce leaves for salad
Peel two mangoes for another salad, with chile and mint
Decide what to do with the currants I just picked
Roast and grind more spice for TWELVE lbs of boerewors
(I ordered 6 lbs but we're taking some to Pennsylvania and want some for us, too)
Water the terrace. Oh, I have. Nevermind.
(Can you tell I am drinking the Kir?)
Debone the bloody salmon
Make a date with some live Chinatown crabs
Invite Eric and Mimi to eat them

That's it.

Oh! Fix a picnic date and location with Michael and Co.
Write a proposal for a long story (long shot).
Assess the correlation between (infrequent) hard labour and euphoria.

Now that's it.


  1. what's the answer on flat prosecco versus sauvignon blanc? that sounds like something that it would be wise to know...

  2. Hold on a minute there Missy, currants?

    Is that where mine went? I thought the birds got em....or they were lost in the fig tree collapse.


    Would you tell Ellen the fig seems to be holding its own. Shorter(much), very bad hair and limb cut but it still has fruit!

    xo jane

  3. And what is the correlation between hard labour and euphoria? Directly or inversely proportional?

  4. Ha, webb, that was easy. Sauv. blanc smells like cat pee. I believe the polite description is "grassy".

    Jane - I got me currant bush, mm hm. Glad the fig is OK...xx

    Ellen - it's hard to say and rather unexpected. Possibly it is the realization that idleness truly is a great luxury. That sitting in a chair can be very exciting, when one considers all the alternatives?

  5. Mmm..and those fishcakes, only ever used tinned salmon with dhanja & chilli, bet fresh just takes it to a whole new level- yummy!

  6. Mango salad - wonderful. It reminds me of a visit to Miami some 10 years ago. One of the best meals I've eaten at a place called A Fish called Avalon, on south beach served blackened snapper with a mango salsa to die for.

  7. Wow, I had never realized how handsome Mr. Harlan Turkell was. Loved his photography for years and now even more. Ahem.


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