Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To do list


Make fishcakes from last night's leftover poached salmon
Pour myself a Kir
Do a blind tasting of flat prosecco and sauvignon blanc to see if I can tell the difference
Stroke the cat ( I had nightmares about him falling off the roof last night)
Wash and chop some cilantro for the aforesaid fishcakes
Drink a Kir
Clean the roof farm lettuce leaves for salad
Peel two mangoes for another salad, with chile and mint
Decide what to do with the currants I just picked
Roast and grind more spice for TWELVE lbs of boerewors
(I ordered 6 lbs but we're taking some to Pennsylvania and want some for us, too)
Water the terrace. Oh, I have. Nevermind.
(Can you tell I am drinking the Kir?)
Debone the bloody salmon
Make a date with some live Chinatown crabs
Invite Eric and Mimi to eat them

That's it.

Oh! Fix a picnic date and location with Michael and Co.
Write a proposal for a long story (long shot).
Assess the correlation between (infrequent) hard labour and euphoria.

Now that's it.
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