Friday, June 10, 2011

Links that are not sausages

Other cyber stories generated by this household recently:

- Coriolistic Anachronisms: Manhattan, Island of Steel
- Shelterpop's Plant of the Week: Clematis "Etoile Violette"
- Shelterpop's Green Spotlight: Sidewalk Garden
- Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominica: Cat has litter of Mangoes (don't ask, we lead separate lives)...

- On newsstands, Edible Brooklyn. I'm on the cover (photo: Vincent Mounier)! If you do not live locally and would like to read the magazine that covers everything edible in Brooklyn, subscribe here. It is $10 for a year's subscription, online, and is published quarterly.


  1. AWESOME PORTRAIT! So excited for you, you cover model. ;) I'll be sure to pick up an issue this weekend!

  2. Wow look at you! You look great!

  3. What a nice photo. If thousands of people are gonna see you, it's nice that it came out so well! Congrats on the good press.

    I'm worried about Don Estorbo - looks like he is having a bad day!

  4. Damn. You are looking very good. I'm going to copy it and use it on my blog as me.



  5. Congrats on the Edible cover, such a wholesome picture and such a great magazine to be on the cover of.

  6. What a fantastic photo! Do you always carry bags just in case you find something? My grandmother always had a paring knife and bags (plastic & paper) in her purse and car just in case she found some herbs, mushrooms, rosehip etc.
    Congratulations on getting the word out.

  7. Hey, I'm going to send the ShelterPop sidewalk garden story to a friend to pass on to Claire of Claireware in case she hasn't seen it. Her plants inside the shop are lovely too (and of course, the pottery divine.)

  8. Thanks, everyone - it's bit disconcerting, to say the least.

    Monica, I've started to carry bags, yes :-)

    Sweetgum T - thank you! I don't know Claire at all. She may very well laugh her head off!


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