Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Picnic at Pier One

I walked to Brooklyn Bridge Park with a picnic to meet Vince, who was on the Brooklyn Bridge taking pictures of cyclists.

Above,  a patch of weeds that begs to be investigated. There is a lot of tall common milkweed here. I might knock on the door of the surviving building here, and ask if I may pick them. One day this will also be part of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Magnolia virginiana - sweetbay. 

Pickerelweed - Pontedaria sp.

The tide was super-high. The watergrasses were underwater and a family of ducks bobbed over them. 

Waldorf salad with cold chicken, bacon and dandelion green sandwiches, sopressata from Los Paisanos.

I love watching this water. Tugs, ferries, cruise ships, taxis, tourist boats, pleasure craft, yachts, even a jet ski.

And I love looking at the green park to one side planted with native and delicious things. After supper I picked another bagful of Amelanchier berries. Pie tomorrow. In this lovely city.
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