Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Picnic at Pier One

I walked to Brooklyn Bridge Park with a picnic to meet Vince, who was on the Brooklyn Bridge taking pictures of cyclists.

Above,  a patch of weeds that begs to be investigated. There is a lot of tall common milkweed here. I might knock on the door of the surviving building here, and ask if I may pick them. One day this will also be part of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Magnolia virginiana - sweetbay. 

Pickerelweed - Pontedaria sp.

The tide was super-high. The watergrasses were underwater and a family of ducks bobbed over them. 

Waldorf salad with cold chicken, bacon and dandelion green sandwiches, sopressata from Los Paisanos.

I love watching this water. Tugs, ferries, cruise ships, taxis, tourist boats, pleasure craft, yachts, even a jet ski.

And I love looking at the green park to one side planted with native and delicious things. After supper I picked another bagful of Amelanchier berries. Pie tomorrow. In this lovely city.


  1. that waldorf salad looks great! have never eaten those berries, what do they taste like?

  2. That puts the Ritz in the Waldorf.

    Your own invention?

    xo J.

  3. What a lovely site for picnic!

    I was impressed with the progress made on Brooklyn Bridge Park the last time we were there.

    We actually went to one of the open air cinemas there last time. Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window", which is a favourite of mine. There was a lovely family atmosphere.

    Lovely memories!

  4. Mrs Bok - apples crossed with blueberries. Sort of.

    Ms Jane - no...made in New York, late 19th century at the Waldorf Astoria (aka bed bug central circa 2011) not with chicken originally, just fresh Waldorfs.

    Anne - sounds great, I'm impressed - when was that?


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