Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fruit for roof gardens

The last of the black raspberries.


See-through currants...I think currants are constructed perfectly. They are like earrings. I'd wear them if I could. A cluster of pearls, please.

The second strawberry crop is far fatter than the first.

And the figs are on their way. The Gowanus Nursery has some very nice little fig trees at the moment.


  1. whatever you do with the currants, i will give it a shot. i have had good results on this blog with monkey see, monkey do.

    did you plant your currant bush last fall?

  2. Do you use compost tea for your roof garden? I've started using it for my container plants and the results have been excellent.

  3. ooh, ooh, ooh! thanks for the tip! one day, little figs, you will be MINE!


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