Thursday, June 30, 2011

A quiet picnic

After an afternoon and early evening of bustling activity on the terrace, the apartment filled with camera equipment, moved furniture, copious glasses of prosecco, the cat at last getting his 15 minutes of long-awaited fame, centre stage, everyone packed up, left and we carried a tray of leftovers and picnic to the roof for supper.

* Leftovers:

Chilled garlic scape soup (again)
Chicken breasts roasted with chopped bayberry leaves, lemon zest, black pepper and grated young garlic
Duck rillettes from Stinky
La Tur cheese

Now we must hold our collective breaths until early next spring, when I may crow about it  less cryptically. Nicer people could not have shot, assisted, or directed. A really happy experience.


  1. sounds exciting...but such a long wait- maybe just a little clue for us?

  2. What is the potted meat spread? It's all very intriguing-looking food, but I don't know what it is!

  3. Huge congrats. HUGE! I think the focus on fun, solid horticulture and horticulturists by that show may finally warrant adding it to the DVR list.


  4. Karen, sorry - it a was a shoot for Martha Stewart Living. I'm just not to trumpet about it (so consider this a quiet clarinet melody...:-)

    Solange - I added the menu for you!

    Paul - hi! Magazine rather than show...

  5. Gosh, lots of congrats. Will look forward to more news closer to the publication date.

  6. So very cool and Martha really does plan ahead. Wow, but something to look forward to.


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