Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Morning chorus

Chainsaws whining down the trees in the lot across the road
Industrial woodchipper shrieking the logs into pulp
Pneumatic drill shuddering the lot beside the lot
Major earthmover being offloaded and crunching the sidewalk under its treads
Construction worker singing in Spanish in the pauses
Fire engine traffic jam, sirens on full blast
Resolute ticking of Vince's keyboard
Choking roar as logs get stuck in chipper
Staccato bellow as it hits a wooden artery

The only upside of being caught in a triangle of construction is that I have met via email one of our across-the-road neighbors, whose shady deck will now be a sunny deck, after the trees (Ailanthus) have been chopped down.

Where will the feral cats go to serenade now?


  1. Where the wild things are?

    xo J.

  2. Don't think Joni Mitchell would have found her "Woke up it was a Chelsea morning" inspiration in your 'hood. More like Guns 'n Roses fodder.


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