Thursday, June 2, 2011

Berries that ripen in June

The Juneberries (servicebrries, shad, shad blow - all Amelanchier species) have ripened on cue.

I passed four trees on Hicks Street, a couple dripping with red and dark purple fruit. I picked, I ate. They seem very plump this year, and I tasted apple. Next week Ellen and I will meet for some companionable picking from our favourite Brooklyn trees. Look for Edible Brooklyn with its berry cover! The timing could not have been more appropriate. Also check out the trees in Tear Drop Park near Ground Zero...sweet, delicious treats.

As I was photographing the berries above a guy hesitated, stepped forward, held up his iPhone and said, There's an App for that! It can tell you the species (maybe he meant genus)! He looked so excited and happy. Like a fool I said, But I know the species (I meant genus). Of course you do, he said, crestfallen. I think he was ready to demonstrate and I cut him off. Now I am sorry. Stupid. I have not seen it in action and it would have been fun. Then again having an iPhone would be fun.

Sponsor? Sponsor?

All sad, now.


  1. I've been told many a time about the app for that. If only the person with the app for that had an app that could register the confounded expression when you don't recognize the genus, spp, whathaveyou.

    Then use the app for that. I wonder how in depth the app can go?

  2. I wonder if you can get an App tha turns your ordinary mobile into an IPhone, just a thought!

    Those berries look so gorgeous They've started to make my mouth water.

  3. Hi - I am an environmental lawyer in Sydney,lived in Park Slope for many years and spent many hours in the park with my son and Labrador...Want to commend you for your commitment and dedication in organising the clean up - unfortunately the park suffers badly from litter. Keep up the great work! Regards, M Arch, Sydney, Australia

  4. And then there are the good comments like the one right above me,right?



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