Monday, June 20, 2011

Gardener's Q and A

My new column on ShelterPop is a series of interviews with gardeners from all walks of life and all sorts of gardens. I shall be on the lookout for more gardeners to interview, so would love some suggestions. You might find yourselves on the list!

Today's interview is with Ellen Zachos, my foraging friend, author, wine maker, blogger, gardener and lecturer.

The interviews will be posted every two weeks on ShelterPop, with some additional questions as a companion here at 66 Square Feet. The web's attention span is short. We can't have long articles in one place. Sigh.

Some of the questions were suggested by you, dear readers! I would have liked to have included more, and may sneak another in, but time, space.

Many thanks to:

Hoover Boo who writes the blog Piece of Eden: What is the first plant you ever grew, and, Who inspired you to garden? 

And to Bridget, who writes Finding my KD: Is there anything you can't grow, but would like to?

To Monica of 3@12 for: Least favourite plant?

To Elaine of Bucolic Bushwick, whose question echoed my own, as impetus for starting the series: Why do you garden?

To Anonymous who may or may not blog anywhere, who asked: What nourishes the roots [I have rephrased this slightly]?

To Karen of sillydoggarden who asked: What is the best thing about your garden right now? And, What zone do you live in?

To Mrs Bok of the Bok Flock: What are your favorite plants and why [shortened to one plant]?

And to Frank, of NYCGarden: Who inspired, instructed you?


  1. these are great questions, especially interested in the inspiration questions! I have one: what was the biggest "mistake" you ever made in your garden? what did you learn from it?

  2. terrific interview with Ellen. I've wanted to know more about her. i yearn for delphiniums, too!

  3. Thanks for including my question. Looking forward to your interviews.


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