Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cold supper

We don't eat enough fish - despite enjoying it I seldom feel like preparing it, and the question of farm-raised versus wild versus sustainable is complex. Perhaps if we had a stellar fish shop like The Lobster Place nearby (Bleecker Street, Chelsea Market), I'd be there more often. Our neighborhood store does not rock my world anymore. 

But tonight I bought and poached some salmon steaks (a contradiction in terms?) and we ate them simply, with salt, pepper and lime juice and potatoes soused in a good vinaigrette with an egg yolk added and new, tender white garlic grated into that. Preceeded by cold garlic scape soup.

We drank something odd. But after seeing the label I had to buy it in honour of my quest in search of the origin of South Africa's malva poeding. Sparkling Malvasia. Weird. usually a sweet wine, it was dry - tasting strongly of raisins and toasted wood. Not a good match. Maybe with smoked reindeer??

The rest of the salmon will be turned into SE Asia-oriented fishcakes. Which are really just an excuse to eat Mrs Balls' chutney.


  1. Your supper table is beautiful. And if anyone does not know what to do with a kikoi ?

  2. It looks and sounds wonderful.

  3. Mmm, lovely and so much nicer having it outside.

  4. The salmon looks delicious. My hubby doesn't like fish so we rarely have it at home. I used to buy it fresh off the boats when I lived in Santa Cruz. I really should indulge myself more and just let him eat beef. Lovely table.


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