Monday, June 27, 2011

Flowers in the house

I needed to dress the terrace a little today, but the flower seller on the corner did not really have seasonal flowers in stock. Carnations. Gerbera daisies. Chrysanthemums. Freesias? And countrified bouquets of small sunflowers, yarrow and...goose-necked loosestrife. Which always comes out of my mouth as loose-necked goosestrife. You try saying it. I love it, invasive tendencies and all.

So I bought one of those countrified efforts, despite my sunflower aversion, and when I got home I noticed all the chickweed, fluffing it out, which really made me laugh. It's very clever. Bunches and bunches of chickweed. The countrified flowers all gave up the ghost this morning, their whispy flowery spirits beating at the sliding door to be let out, all except the sunflower, of course, which stood predictably firm.

So I used the chickweed to relax this bunch of white...hmmm.


Today's post is part of a Monday floral chain spanning the globe, initiated by my friend Jane, who blogs and gardens at Small but Charming.


  1. Lisianthus?

    Just experimented with broccoli flowers in a vase over the weekend. Not a raring success, but it is hot in the apt. I like the chain idea.

  2. If the definition of a weed is a plant in the wrong place, perhaps the definition of a desirable plant is a weed in the right place??? Your sweet jugful seems to uphold this just-had-a-glass-of-wine-after-work theory!!

  3. hi marie

    yup - lisianthus - love that filler chickweed - it undomesticates (dedomesticates??) the bouquet

    i have a patch of gooseneck loosetrife that i try to eradicate constantly - then this week when i can get cuts from it i like it

    the deer came through last night and ate every flower and bud from the wild daylilies (hundreds!) - at least we got to enjoy them a little bit this year - they also feasted on some coneflower and hosta flowers - left the leaves alone for a change - probably too full


  4. somehow the arrangement makes me want to go to the beach.. i think the blue stripes put me in mind of a beach umbrella - very refreshing!

  5. Well I think it looks fresh and summery.

    I didn't know you hated sunflowers, I love them, can't grow them, kind of like the radish.

    I wish we could get a closer shot of the paintings on the wall behind the jug.

    Thanks for joining in, hope your terrace pebbles sparkled in the sunlight:)

    xo Jane

  6. Yes, lisianthus!

    Sweetgum T - at least you can eat them.

    Belinda - speaking of wine...:-)

    njpath - you are supposed to eat your day lilies before the deer can...

    webb - somehow very French colours, too.

    Jane, I don't think I knew you loved sunflowers! Erk. I like them in the ground. Don't know why.

  7. I love chickweed. Your pitcher is perfect!

  8. I guess I'm not seeing the chickweed. I thought that was Sheperd's purse.

  9. yaya - you're right. The problem with common names. I grew up knowing that as chickweed, on another continent.


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