Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Hook nursery mystery

I have not been to Red Hook for weeks, and it seems that the bankrupt Liberty Sunset may have reinvented itself as Red Hook Urban Garden Center (with a beautiful but strange picture of an avenue of jacarandas - they could never grow here) - their contact is libertysunsetgc@gmail and on Yelp their reviews are on the same page as Liberty Sunset's old reviews? It's a bit odd.

Was the axe stayed? Did Sandor pay his rent? Who took over?

Does anyone know?

I see an expedition in my weekend plans.


  1. He opened up there a mere week after the old location closed. Also got something near the new Gowanus, according to some. I'm curious what the story is too. If I were Greg, I'd be looking for some back rent. And if I were Gowanus, I'd be purty darn pissed off.

  2. Really? I'm visiting Gowanus tomorrow...shall sleuth about.

  3. Liberty Sunset moved and renamed to Red Hook Urban. They have two locations. See

  4. They must be getting over on someone else stupid enough to rent to them. They will be out of business and/or kicked out of wherever they are by year's end. Each day, like the plague, their giant tropical jungle takes more and more square footage. If practicality and affordability is what you are looking for be sure to stay clear of this mess. I'm not sure offering plants at an absurd markup while taking up tons of space with ridiculous tropical trees is the most sound business plan.


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