Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rooftop fruit

The blueberries seemed early, but looking back at last year's pictures, I see that I picked my first handfuls on June 13th. Huh. Around the same time I started to make Nigel Slater's peach and blueberry cake. But peaches are nowhere near. So I must have cheated, with Southern peaches. What high standards we hold ourselves to, these locavore days.

I have far fewer blueberries than last year and they are far larger. Go figure. On the roof I have a watermelon the size of a pinhead. It is soft and furry and entirely crushable.

The black raspberries are ripening and are wonderful, if scant. I would love more of them, a whole row. And they would be eaten like so, after dinner, from a beautiful cut glass bowl.

As it is, I eat them on the roof, one by one, tender, dark, with currents of mulberry in the flavour.

Speaking of which. Anyone know a good tree?


  1. I reckon the blueberries are larger as there are fewer. All that energy going into fewer fruit.

    I marvel at the abundance of your roof/terrace. I often imagine it must be a great feeling sitting there during a warm evening with all the activity of the city below. I'm going through one of my "I need a city" periods.

  2. I've been outside for 3 hours and my eyes are full of mites and sweat.

    I'll trade you a yard for a rooftop!

    xo Jane

  3. Based on your blueberry success last year, I jumped in a planted one in a pot. I picked about 10 this week, with many more coming soon - hoorah! Don't think I will try the blackberry (have a source), but am still thinking about those strawberries!

    Glad it's going well.

  4. My mind is running through all the delicious ways with those berries, but you're right best eaten one by one right off the bush- yum!


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