Saturday, June 11, 2011

How not to apply for a job

Today I wrote a 100 word story about my favourite restaurant. Let's say it was part of a job application. One I really wanted. I said I first ate there in 2009 and ended by saying I have been eating there for twelve years (which is true).


Mrs Reeler, my Math teacher in high school, did tell me to keep my day job. Her advice was, Just stick to singing , Marie. So I sat in the back of the class and wrote poetry while numbers sailed over my head. And in the spaces I sang.


I could kill myself.


  1. Welcome to the club. That's the Not-Very-Good-With-Numbers Club.

  2. be easy on yourself; we all do things like this; if the place is any good it will not be in a space to think anything other than, oh, she meant 1999 and wrote 2009; we like her anyway. you know? applying for jobs is hard in the best of times. best wishes.

  3. Now if you hadn't mentioned it I probably wouldn't have noticed. Here's to hoping the person(s) making the decision don't either.
    Best Wishes!

  4. ... or burn the building down...

  5. Are you sure you haven't just been eating there for twelve years in between the years 2009 and 2011?
    I say, you're hired.
    what numbers?

  6. That's what proofreaders are for. If it's a writing job, they will be happy to know you won't take their jobs away from them... while you're writing lovely articles. Good luck!


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