Wednesday, April 22, 2009


..."why does a lillium spit out pollin" the question that someone from Limerick, Ireland, asked Google, and how they landed on my blog. There are many lily landing places here.

It was exactly what I needed. A slow walk home, taking pictures of blossoms. The thin letter from the Dept. of Homeland Security heavy in my bag. Within 90 days they say, they will review why my citizenship has not gone through yet. April 4th was the latest day by which I should have heard, after my apparently successful December 4th interview. Another three months. At least it's movement. At least I exist in the numbers.

So many kind people have asked, When will you be a citizen, when will Vince move to New York?

I don't know I don't know I don't know. For a year and a half we have not known. His visa application was denied last year, so now we wait and wait and wait.

I got home, cried, picked up the cat, and listened to him purr.

Thank you Limerick, and I'm not sure my blog answered your question .

Why does a lilium spit out 'pollin'?

A lady lily, late at night, lurching home, weaving, sick to the stomach, spitting out yellow pollen, burping up Guiness fumes and Formosa fragrance, night pollinators stalking her in the shadows...

Five years ago this month I moved to this little apartment.

Then I wrote:

Fat moon rising in April
where jets pass like stars in the new east

My mouthful of red wine
pausing the chaos
of a life tipped

A sore back
A black cat
Potatoes boiling
Books to unpack

My sounding board
a lamp
a table
a terrace
waiting for lilies

April, 2004

Also in my bag, less heavy, Go! magazine's camp cooking booklet with my pictures and recipes. That was nice. And suddenly, hitting me in the solar plexus as I leaned on the pole in the subway car, a full page picture of my husband in the magazine, back turned to the fire at Klein Aus Vista, Namibia, chops and potatoes on the coals, Vincent looking at the sunset.

We've come a long way.


  1. Oh, my dear Marie. I can imagine the waiting is agony for you both, and, though he may not let on, for that wonderful purring black cat.

    If nothing else, we should just all arrange to run away together to some random island where there will be good food and drink, frolicking kitties, beautiful scenery, and wonderful community.

    Thinking of you and wishing all the best. xo

  2. I know how this waiting hurts. None of the good things can quite banish that hurt.That's why cats purr!

  3. Anything attached to the words Dept. Homeland Security must be real heavy to carry.

    Are they not giving Extraordinary Persons visas no longer?

  4. Hi Marie. I am sorry the waiting is so long and so protracted. What a misery! The purring Estorbo and your magazine article sound like good partial antidotes.

  5. Marie, reading this post makes me angry at the system and sad for you and Vince having to live in-between lives, as it were. My husband and I had to live apart for more than a year due to our jobs, and it was a test. (At least I had my cats ... and thank goodness for Estorbo!) I hope you have your answer and citizenship soon.



  6. it must make you want to scream in frustration! These things take too long.


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