Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Combat swine flu: eat a pig

After my vegetable dinner I needed something to chew. I love gnawing on ribs. I love slightly burned bits.

So, a small rack of baby back ribs
A lemon (as usual)
2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced (I know...same old same old)
2 tablespoons dark Turkish pepper flakes. Ha!

Can't help you there. This might sound mad, but I still have jar, airtight, of the pepper flakes I brought back in bulk from Istanbul in...2006? And they're fine! Not stale at all - very salty, slightly smoky, not very hot, a little sweet. The only substitute I can think of is a dried Mexican pepper, like a poblano (ancho, when dried), soaked, chopped; but it will still be different. But good...

One day ahead I squeezed the juice over the ribs and sliced the garlic over them, covered and put in fridge. Evening of, I fired up the broiler and sprinkled on salt, and the Turkish chile mix. At a raging temperature the ribs cooked for about 12 minutes on each side. Then I just left them in there to rest for about 20 minutes, heat off. Sliced. Gnawed.

To drink: very good sippin' Tequila, Cointreau, dash of, a whole lemon's juice (I swear I support an entire orchard in Florida), stirred, over ice.

Begone Swine Flu!


  1. Well, no chance of a trip to Turkey, so maybe I'll try some fire-roasted capsicum with good rock salt.(It's nice with lamb.)And these days, I stay away from that cactus juice so how about a really cold boutique beer?

  2. 2006??? Keep them a couple more years and you can donate them to a museum!

  3. Dinah - yes, that sounds good. Capsicum and the cold beer.
    Good Tequila is rather reminiscent of a fine Malt whisky, or Bourbon, I think :-)Not the ghastly stuff that is poured by the barrel into terrible Margaritas.

    Smoothman...I know, I know. But the odd thing is it is still good. Can't essplain why.


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