Friday, April 3, 2009

Violet, blue

"I shall remain faithful." flower language.

They are tiny flowers, and opened last evening, all self sown. I find them exquisite.


  1. how lovely!
    i adore these flowers.

  2. Violets just popped up in my yard yesterday. In a month I'll have white violets, my favorite.

  3. ...and last night I dreamed of picking long-stemmed violets.

  4. Mary, yes, aren't they?

    Pam, when I was very little, and had my own piece of garden under our crabapple tree in the middle of South Africa, I planted white violets. They were my favourites, too.

    On East Houston Street in New York, they are already blooming in a weedy stretch of unused land between sidewalk and townhouse back gardens.

    I lived for 6 weeks in Takoma Park, you know, before living in Adam's Morgan and Alexandria VA. But it was not till the last that I had a garden...

  5. Well... how interesting. You lived so close to me! I'm about 4 miles from Tak Pk and about 10 from Adams Morgan. In fact I was in TP today buying far too many plants at the regular Sunday farmer's market. Foxglove, eucalyptus, thyme, thyme and more thyme. Three things the deer won't eat. At least not yet. I'll be in NYC one weekend soon--late April or early May. I need a pick-me-up and there's no better place to get a quick PMU than NYC.

  6. This variety of violet has edible flowers, you may want to double check first though, i haven't actually eaten any because i want the seeds.


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