Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping in the 'hood

On Saturday I stocked up on small things that make me happy.

Fava beans from Pacific Green, artichokes from New Green Pea; mulberry juice, little cucumbers, French feta, Lingon berry jam from Sahadi's, since I am tired of eating my over-sweet plum jam: must decide what to do with it. The apricot jam and raspberry/red currant are finished and will have to wait for the new crops. Finn Crisps, the best crackers, and an avocado with an outrageous, $1.99 price tag. But I really wanted one to go with the delicious new chives on the terrace. Goat brie, roasted almonds; two shortbreads for afternoon tea. Tonight's salad will be radish, cucumer and feta. Chickpea curry in the packages - the only packaged food I eat, and it is delicous: $3. Can't be beat. The other Pride of India curries are not nearly as good.


  1. Looks good - all of it! A question re. feta - where can one buy decent stuff in CT? Two days ago I DESTROYED a fresh garden salad guessed it, Simonsberg. My crackingly fresh green peper, salad greens, purple basil and radish reduced to that Same Old Taste. Vowed to never do it again! I remember you had feta issues too - any tips?

  2. Marijks, I had muh-AJOR feta issues in Cape Town:

    The best feta - and it is excellent - is at Harbour House. They get it en masse from a restaurant supplier, who imports it. I think it's worth going there, having lunch, and begging for some. Wave money and smiles around.

    Second best: there's a stall at the Porter School market on Saturdays...but I don't remember the name. It was on the side closest to the Constantiaberg, and she also sold roast artichoke hearts, as well as a ricotta/feta blend, which is the closest I came in Cape Town to the texture and taste I was looking for. It was straight out a bowl, and she put it in bakkie to go away. I think it comes from Wellington. Um, or Worcester. Somewhere hot.

    Oh - my mom did find, once, vacuum- packaged feta at Woolworths Constantia Village, that seemed imported. That was pretty good, too. But the next time we went it wasn't there.


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