Friday, April 17, 2009

Magnolia on Congress Street

It is a small, shy tree in winter, grey.

In summer its leaves are sparse.

But its sideplate-sized flowers have just opened full...


  1. wow.... they bloom this early? hard on the heels of winter?... what a beautiful flower.....

  2. Pretty!! My father planted a skinny little whip of a magnolia soulangeana from Wayside Gardens 48 years ago at our house in NJ. The first year it bloomed twice, once in Spring and then again in Fall. We thought it had exhausted its blooms for the next Spring, but that wasn't the has done that every year since, blooming abundantly in Spring and less so in Fall. The tree is now over 20' tall and beautiful. Its only problem is when there's a late frost and it's in bloom, the flowers turn to brown rags.

  3. BV -yes, they are quite early, depending on where they are planted. This one faces the sun and south. I think they look like water lilies on trees.

    QC - what an interesting magnolia. I've never seen one do that before...

  4. Here in Vancouver, as your sweetie may have told you, the Magnolia blossoms are popping out everywhere...truly gorgeous!! Creamy white Star Magnolia, Fuschia-bodied Magnolia Grandiflora & the pale cherry blossom pink Grandifloras...I love Spring!!


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