Friday, April 10, 2009

A Bunny bearing gifts

The blog will be on a Go Slow for a few days: the Easter Bunny brought me a husband.

We may visit Wave Hill this weekend, we may roast a lamb on Sunday and hide some eggs for ourselves; we may have a picnic on the Brooklyn Promenade if the weather allows.

We ate at Al di la last sign of Emiliano and Anna. My pork belly was delicious. The waiter described its accompanying salad as having leeks and fennel in it. It had salsify and pickled ramps. Close. But better.

The man sitting beside us asked what ramps were. The same waiter said young garlic. Close, but not.

Vince had risotto with morelles, peas and ramps. Delicious flavour, peas rather hard, ramp flavour yummy.

I have not seen them at markets yet. They must have a Source.


  1. Now i believe in the Easter bunny! What a lovely gift! (picturing "Beence" in a basket with a ribbon around his, no, i won't go there!) Have a wonderful time together!

  2. My dad was a great morel hunter and even though he's gone to the great morel forest in the sky now he left behind his secret place for finding morels. We're in high season now -- metro DC area -- so tomorrow I will go to that secret place and find dinner for Saturday night. Sauteed with butter, maybe some garlic. Too delicious for words.

  3. QC - thank you. We did :-)He look sweet in pink.

    Pam J: Wow. I am SO jealous. I have never hunted for morelles. Or morels.


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