Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pho with friends

I had dinner at Eric and Mimi's last night, where the main course, after Mimi's mother's springrolls wrapped in herbs and lettuce, was Pho.

I have only ever eaten this Vietnamese soup here, in their apartment in the Flatiron District, made the first time by the visiting Mrs Hoang, and the next two by Mimi.

I have been a hermit for about 6 weeks, and to sit at that table, between two good friends, slurping this aromatic soup and talking about things I usually only think about, was a tonic. Coriander and scallions in the chicken broth, and hot green chiles chopped with our porcelain spoons and dropped into the noodly soup. Squeezes of lime and lashings of fish sauce.


  1. True friends, not faux friends *g*...sorry, couldn't resist! Sounds like it was wonderfully healing for body and soul.

  2. soup! it heals. soup with friends. nothing better. pritha

  3. Now that's "chicken soup for the soul!" I love pho, too ...



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