Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Painting gardens

The median...

For perennials:

Agastache "Blue Fortune"
Amsonia illustris
Gaura l. "Whirling Butterflies"
Geranium m. "Ingwersen's Variety"
Geranium "Rozanne"
Nepeta "Walker's Low"
Panicum v. "Shenandoah"


Rosa to be decided
Itea "Little Henry"


  1. Very promising. And I thought I was getting exclusive pictures. ;-)

  2. No fancy CAD programs. Just a paint brush and pencil?


  3. Vince, you were! Then you gave me ideas. Notice how the Paintbrush has...paintbrushes under it? :-)The pics look better in daylight. Especially since I eliminated pink.

    Frank, er yes, blush. My Achilles Heel but also secret weapn. People seem to like paintings. We have to hire Cad monkeys for CAD stuff.

  4. How cool that you paint with real paints! i'll look up all those plants...the nepeta looks interesting...30" tall! the neighborhood kitties would love that, and it would look great in my (dry, sunny) front perennial bed.

  5. i would love to see more of these! and your brightly colored walls look amazing, btw.


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