Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something's burning

So what was the black smoke about? Something burned for a couple of hours while we were planting a garden on a SoHo rooftop. Seemed under control and then flared again. The pink building is the Julian Schnabel, pseudo-Venetian palazzo in the far West Village, where we designed a party garden (not a garden party) last year. And then there's the Hudson. Was it in Jersey? Did the Hudson ignite?


  1. wow, I hadn't heard about the fly-by. What an incredibly, enormously, giantly stupid thing to do!

  2. It happens alot (minus the fighter jets), always the visual more threatening than the reality.

    Something always burning in Jersey.

  3. Its F'd up though, the insensitivity

  4. When I saw yesterday's vapor trails I was going to comment on Air Force One then thought it would just make me as unfeeling as those idiots!

  5. Yeah...it's easy to thnk it's silly and a joke, but I must say, that if you were there on that day, there is nothing funny about it. It's visceral. Even when the F-16's do their thing over the city there's chill in the bones. I'll never forget those jets patroling the sky, then, too late.


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