Monday, April 13, 2009

Jake Walk, Smith Street

...sipping a Dusty Rail on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Walking in, there was a not-very-happy smell of disinfectant. It's an odd smell, equalled only by the pong at Bread on Spring Street. But quite soon the menu and cocktail list made up for it.

We had supper plans, but sipped our drinks and nibbled almonds, while I thought about rabbit pate, grilled quail and cheese fondue, all very reasonably-priced offerings right up my allée.

There are also plates of very interesting cheese per slice or per collection as well as charcuterie.

Took me a year to get there, but I'll be back. Hope the smell's gone.


  1. :-)

    Smell, bad.

    I guess it's English. As in Rule, Brittania!

  2. and what's in a dusty rail? looks delicious. this place is going into my new york travel moleskine.

  3. Did we jay walk to Jake Walk? ;-)

    Hey, now I remember why I was going to eat those cooking peas: they looked like the nuts at Jake Walk...

  4. ah, I see. Hm. Lotta pong in these parts...

  5. m.

    I just called them, because I'd forgotten the Scotch part, thought it was Rye: So, Blended Scotch, Blanc Vermouth (not dry, which made the drink a teeny bit too sweet), Drambuie, bitters, lemon twist. I'd say go heavy on the Scotch, hang back with the sweet ones. And I'd add a squeeze of lemon :-)But it was a good drink.

    I'm trying to figure one out for the (possible) Rose Party on the terrace in May.

    Lisa, the pong will come with summer, too!

  6. ooh yes, new york pongs in summer, lol.

  7. and thank you for the drink recipe, that sounds refreshing.


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