Saturday, October 29, 2011


The snow came, a day early. It is wet and very heavy and the two minutes I spent on the terrace, tying up three crashed canes of the New Dawn made me heavy and wet, too, with mobile slushies insinuating themselves between collar and neck.

The supple branches of one of the fully-leafed oaks across the road are bent, after just an hour of snow, and I predict a crash for the Bergen Street callery pears (those of the weak crotch, snort), who lost one of their number entirely last winter. They are a beautiful spring street tree, but lose branches regularly; the fact that most of our trees are still full of leaves adds to the problem - more surface area for the soggy flakes to cling to.

If your car is parked under a pear today, move it.

There will be lots to clean up afterwards, for all of us, but for now...let it snow.

And I forgot to mention: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Also, what's up with the thunder??? 

So. Earthquake, check. Hurricane? Check. Snow before November? Check.

Happy sigh.


  1. It was a snippet on the news here.

    So early. Thunder snow to boot. I am not envious. I like the snow, brings out the big kid in me, but not just yet.

  2. I hate it!
    And I too was a little weirded out by the rattling thunder.

  3. Oh, Marie! Such a rush of happy memories!

  4. We don't have thunder but we have the cold and snow.

    Totally freaky.

    Does this mean everything in my garden is going to die now?

    Just got home from work where I can enjoy the snow in comfort.

    xo jane

  5. Yet...there's something so Noel-like about your red wall and green plants and blanket of white. Pretty...for 1 day only. (Thunder, I believe, is big winterish cold front meets big, wet, warmish fall system.)

  6. If you gotta have snow, it might as well be top of the line thunder snow. Sorry it's so wet and heavy, tho. The terrace looks lovely, but will probably have a bit of damage. sorry about that.

  7. We have thunder with snow occasionally--sun with rain drops, too. I'm not ready for winter yet...I love autumn.


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