Sunday, October 30, 2011

Politically incorrect food

Two words: foie + gras.

Liver + fat.

I bought the two slices at Staubitz, on Court Street, cut to order. Quite impressive.

A slice for each of us for my birthday. It is alarming to cook because it melts before your eyes and as the goose fat in the pan rises you see dollar bills floating around in it. You whip it off before it has disappeared entirely. Sweetango apples (what a terrible name - they are a cross between fabled Honey Crisps and Zestar) have been caramelizing slowly with a reduction of apple cider vinegar, chestnut honey and butter.

The bread is silly. We do not need the toasted baguette. The knife slides through the foie gras. It is delicious.


  1. Happy Birthday

    Lucky you. You gotta be quick, it can easily render into nothing.

    It's deep foie gras territory here.

    Drink a decent sweet/semi sweet wine with it, it's heaven.

  2. As long as you didn't have veal for an entree I think you can be forgiven.

    xo J.

  3. It's your birthday - eat whatever you want! And happy year.

  4. Yeah its politically incorrect food. But for good reason. Check out CIWF to see how its produced. As a long standing veggie, I have never forced my opinion on anyone - we're all here with free will, right? - however, I do believe everyone should at least take an honest look at the journey their food takes from living being to meal component on a plate, then make an informed decision about what they eat :)

  5. Not politically incorrect, morally incorrect. Some duck had a metal pipe forced down his throat so he could be force fed to produce the foie gras. You just had a sore throat, so imagine a metal pipe.
    California will ban foie gras beginning in January 2012.

  6. jelli and Wendy - I can't argue with you...thanks for your comments.

  7. Happy Birthday, Marie! And here's to hoping you're feeling better. All the best this year! :)

  8. Califoria are banning foie gras? That's so great :)

  9. While many groups worked very hard to ban foie gras in California, the Animal Protection and Rescue League ( has some amazing
    lawyers. Check out their website. Very positive group.


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