Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pink impatienzzzz?

I use impatiens as fillers in some very small pots. As tired as they are, as day in day out and used in the most awful colour combinations, in full sun, in oceans of red mulch, I still have a soft spot for them.

And this is the plant I looked for in the summer, palest of pinks with a fuchsia eye. I could not find it anywhere. So I had to settle for the other, slightly gauche pink.

And then in July this one came up after all, in the gravel of the terrace, alone survivor from a summer flown by. So I hope she sets seed.


  1. One of my neighbors has them massed as a low border out front. At first I thought they were gaudy, but I've started to like them, still showing their pretty colors even as all the trees lose their leaves.

  2. Lovely pink... hope she's as tough as Tony and Butcher and hangs on to come again next Spring.

    Maybe take some flowers to Tony and tell him we're glad he's here in the world...we need the Tony's of the world to share their experiences for the lessons they hold....thanks for listening.

  3. All my plants threw seed with gay abandon. All over the place, popping up in cycads, orchids,parsley...all but the double white that I wanted.t croaked. sigh...


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